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Size Range 23.0mm to 25.0mm SpiralFlex Nylon



Product Description


Designed to protect all types of hydraulic and pneumatic hoses. This cost-effective cover protects against shocks, abrasion and deterioration, helping reduce your equipment downtime and keeping maintenance costs to a minimum.


SpiralFlex spiral wrapping is made from the highest quality PA12 (Nylon) can easily be added to existing or new hydraulic or pneumatic assemblies without the use of any tools. 


Product Features


 - Simple to use with one or several hoses/cables.

 - Smooth edges prevent damage to hose & equipment.

 - Temperature range -40ºC to +138ºC.

 - Suitable with hydraulic fluids, glycol & phosphate.



Size Range 23.0mm to 25.0mm SpiralFlex Nylon

SKU: C-SWN25-B-25M
    • Size Range - 23.0mm to 25.0mm
    • External Diamter - 25.0mm
    • Wall Thickness - 1.5mm
    • Weight per Coil - 2.8Kg
    • Coil Length 25m
    • Color - Black
    • Automotive
    • Trailer Manufacture
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