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At Tricksall, we've got you covered with our wide-ranging selection of high-quality flexible air hoses and assemblies. Our product lineup includes TPE, rubber, PVC, and hybrid air hoses, as well as preformed and compact coil air hose options designed to cater to your specific application requirements. Whether your project calls for a lightweight, flexible air hose for compressed air or a heavy-duty solution for larger air systems, we have the perfect hose to meet your unique demands.

We understand that the one-size-fits-all approach doesn't work for air hoses. That's why we offer a variety of hose lengths, diameters, and end connectors to suit any application. Additionally, rest easy knowing that all our hoses come with a manufacturer's warranty, guaranteeing you a durable and reliable product that will serve your needs for years to come.

Red and Blue Flexible Air Hose

Categories of PVC, Polyurethane, Rubber and Flexible Air Hoses

General Purpose  Air Hose

General Purpose
Air Hose

Cost-effective air compressor hose with high-performance TPE alternative to rubber. Durable, long-lasting, and offers advantages over natural rubber.

Polyurethane Compact Coil Hose

Polyurethane Compact Coil Hose

Polyurethane Compact Coils: Superior to traditional nylon coils. Highly flexible, resistant to abrasion, oils, and FDA-compliant. Excellent kink resistance.

Compressor Hose Assembly

Compressor Hose Assembly

Professional compressor hose assembly with heavy-duty claw clamps: cost-effective, high-performance TPE alternative to rubber hoses.

Rubber Air Hose

Air Hose

Black, weather-resistant rubber air hose for workshops, compressors. Durable NBR/SBR synthetic rubber with strong textile reinforcement. Medium-duty for air tools.

Compact Preformed Airline Coils

Compact Preformed
Airline Coils

Popular lightweight Type 12 Nylon airline coil, highly oil-resistant, flexible, with superior flow rate, ideal for various industries.

What are the key features of PVC flexible air hoses?

PVC flexible air hoses are favoured for their lightweight, flexible, and durable properties. They excel in challenging environments, resisting abrasion and maintaining flexibility without kinking. These hoses also offer excellent UV resistance, allowing for outdoor use without degradation. Moreover, they often withstand exposure to mild chemicals, expanding their utility. This combination of features makes PVC air hoses an ideal choice for pneumatic tools, air compressors, and various air supply applications, offering reliability and versatility in a compact and efficient package.

What are the advantages of a compressor hose assembly over individual components?

Compressor hose assemblies provide a hassle-free solution by ensuring compatibility between components, including hoses, connectors, and fittings. They frequently feature safety enhancements, like integrated pressure relief valves, enhancing user confidence in their applications. These assemblies save time and effort in selecting compatible parts, making them a practical choice for various air-powered equipment and tools, with the added advantage of safety features for secure and efficient operation.

What are the advantages of rubber air hoses?

Rubber hoses are known for their durability, flexibility, and resistance to extreme temperatures, making them suitable for heavy-duty applications.

Are PVC air hoses durable for long-term use?

PVC hoses are durable for many applications but may not be as rugged as rubber hoses. Their durability depends on usage and maintenance.

Are compressor hose assemblies compatible with all air compressors?

Not necessarily. It's vital to verify compatibility between the assembly and your compressor, which includes assessing pressure and fitting specifications. This step ensures that the compressor hose assembly aligns with your equipment's needs, guaranteeing a safe and effective connection for your air-powered tools and devices.

Do You Have An Enquiry?

Please don't hesitate to reach out to us at 01530 637137 or via email at with any questions or specific requirements you may have. Our team will provide a thorough assessment to determine the most air hose solution for your needs.

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