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Our reinforced green garden hose is one of the most popular and reliable hoses on the market. With its advanced design and durable reinforcement technology, it is designed to be flexible and perform reliably.

It is a favourite of gardeners and landscapers alike, as it can be found in gardens and retail outlets across the country. Its superior performance and reliable construction make it a great choice for those looking for a hose that will last and offer dependable performance. The reinforced green garden hose is designed to last and has been tested in various conditions to ensure it meets the highest standards of performance.

Reinforced Green Garden Hose


  • Flexible and easy to handle.

  • Effective kink resistance.

  • Good abrasion resistance.

  • Made from Cadmium-free materials.

  • Silicone-free.

  • Suitable for use at -15oC to +60oC.

  • Specially selected high tensile Polyester fiber reinforcement used at the optimum braid angle of 54° 44’(54.73°) creates an effectively balanced pressure hose.

  • Conforms to BS 3746: 1990.

  • RoHS 3 compliant.


  • Gardens 


  • 12mm ID to 19mm ID

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Please don't hesitate to reach out to us at 01530 637137 or via email at with any questions or specific requirements you may have. Our team will provide a thorough assessment to determine the most suitable watering hose solution for your needs.

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