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Flexible conduit fittings are essential components in every electrical wiring system. These fittings are used to terminate the conduit, creating a secure seal between the conduit and connected components, such as a junction box. This effectively protects the cables and wires housed within. We offer a comprehensive selection of both non-metallic and metallic conduit fittings, compatible with our complete range of flexible conduits, to meet various installation requirements.

Flexible Conduit Fittings - Push-Fit, Swivel, Elbows and Liquid Tight
Non-Metallic Fittings

Non-Metallic Flexible Conduit Fittings

Black Polypropylene Flexible Conduit Fittings

Polypropylene Flexible Conduit Fittings

Blue, red, green and yellow Polypropylene Flexible Conduit Fittings

Polypropylene Flexible Conduit Color Fittings

PVC Spiral Reinforced Flexible Conduit Fittings

PVC Spiral Reinforced

Flexible Conduit Fittings

Nylon Flexible Conduit Fittings

Nylon Flexible Conduit Fittings

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UL Approved Products
ROHS Compliant Products

Metallic Flexible Conduit Fittings

Metal Conduit Fittings  for Galvanised Steel Flexible conduit

 Galvanised Steel Flexible

Conduit Fittings

  • IP54 - 90deg Metal Elbows 

Metal Conduit Fittings  for PVC Coated Steel Flexible conduit

PVC Coated Steel Flexible

Conduit Fittings

  • IP54 - 90deg Metal Elbow 

Metal Conduit Fittings for  Liquid-Tight Flexible conduit

Liquid-Tight Flexible

 Fittings Conduit

Metal Conduit Fittings for Steel Braided Flexible conduit

Steel Braided  Flexible

 Fittings Conduit

Metallic Fitings

What types of flexible conduit fittings are available?

Flexible conduit fittings are available in a diverse range, including Metallic (metal conduit fittings) and Non-Metallic (plastic conduit fittings). Within both these categories, one can find push-fit types that enable a fast and efficient installation solution. Additionally, elbow fittings are designed to connect two pieces of conduit at a 90-degree angle, providing a smooth directional change. Furthermore, a standard option in this lineup is the hinged fitting, which is commonly used across various installations for its practicality and reliability.

What's the difference between fixed and swivel metal conduit fitting?

Fixed metal conduit fittings secure the conduit in a stationary position, ideal for straight paths or permanent bends in both industrial and residential settings. In contrast, swivel metal conduit fittings allow for conduit rotation or movement, catering to dynamic environments like machinery where adjustments or vibrations are expected. The choice between fixed and swivel fittings depends on the installation's need for stability or flexibility, with fixed fittings offering rigidity and swivel fittings providing movement.

Can flexible conduit fittings be used outdoors?

Yes, flexible conduit fittings are suitable for outdoor use, requiring materials resistant to corrosion, UV, and extreme weather. Choose metallic fittings with protective coatings or durable non-metallic options like PVC. Water-resistant or waterproof fittings are crucial in rain-prone areas, with liquid-tight fittings ensuring a watertight seal. They should withstand environmental factors like temperature fluctuations and sunlight. 

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