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Hydraulic & Pneumatic Cable Wrap Hose Protection

SpiralFlex HD is designed to protect your equipment from wear and abrasion. Its rugged construction and UV / ozone resistant properties make it ideal for long-term exposure to harsh environments. The flexible construction also allows for easy installation and routing, reducing set-up time and cost. SpiralFlex HD is the perfect solution for all hydraulic and pneumatic applications. Its quick and easy installation, combined with its lightweight, flexible construction and UV/ozone resistant properties, make it the ideal choice for protecting your equipment from wear and abrasion. Easily deployed to new or existing hydraulic and pneumatic assemblies, without the use of any tools. Available in yellow, red and black, with other bespoke colours and lengths available upon request.


SpiralFlex HD  Hose Protection

 * Click the table above or the product images below for each hose size specification * 

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