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Conduit Fittings, Connectors, Couplers & Accessories |Tricksall UK

Metallic and non-metallic flexible conduit fittings

Tricksall offers a complete range of flexible conduit fittings and accessories to complement our full line of flexible metal and plastic conduits. All products are designed to ensure that your electrical wiring installations are completed with a professional and safe finish. Our selection includes fittings for all types of flexible non-metallic and metallic conduits, providing secure and safe termination. Furthermore, we provide a diverse range of high-quality metal and plastic Conduit Clips meticulously crafted to securely fasten your Flexible Conduit in place. We also offer conduit couplers specifically designed for use with flexible polypropylene, nylon PA6, PVC spiral-reinforced, and steel conduits. You will find fittings and accessories for our most popular sizes of flexible conduit 20mm, 25mm, and 32mm, but also spanning from 10mm to 100mm! Each product in our range is designed for durability and reliability, guaranteeing that your wiring installations are terminated safely and professionally. Discover our full range of flexible conduit fittings and accessories. Order online today for swift next day delivery and protect your electrical wiring with confidence. If you need any advice or guidance, get in contact with one of the team, you will speak to a knowledgeable human and not a bot.

Do you want more information about our flexible conduit accessories range? You can easily initiate a live chat with us by clicking the 'Let's Chat' option located at the bottom right of our website. Alternatively, you can get in contact via WhatsApp, send us an email at or give us a call at 01530 637137.

Flexible Conduit Fittings & Glands, Clips, Couplers & Joiners and Accessories

Flexible Conduit  Fittings & Glands

Flexible Conduit
Fittings & Glands

Flexible Conduit Thread Enlargers

Flexible Conduit
Thread Enlargers

Flexible Conduit Clips & Fixings

Flexible Conduit
Clips & Fixings

Flexible Conduit Thread Reducers

Flexible Conduit
Thread Reducers

Steel Locknuts


Flexible Conduit Couplers & Joiners

Flexible Conduit
Couplers & Joiners

Dome Top IP68 Cable Glands

Dome Top

IP68 Cable Glands

Frequently asked questions...

What type of flexible conduit fittings should use?

Flexible conduit fittings, also referred to as glands, are available in various types. These include hinged, push-fit, straight, fixed, swivel, and 90-degree angle elbow fittings manufactured from materials such as polypropylene, PVC, stainless steel, or nylon. Each conduit range has a specific type of fitting that is suitable and offers different ingress protection (IP rating). We provide clear advice on which fitting is suitable for each flexible conduit range on our website. However, if you require additional information, please feel free to reach out to us. Every fitting type guarantees a secure, safe, and professional connection, upholding the integrity and protection level of your conduit wiring system.

How to connect two pieces of flexible conduit together?

Connecting two lengths of flexible conduit is a simple and efficient task when using specially designed couplers or joiners. Tricksall offers these type of connectors for our full range of flexible metallic and non-metallic conduit range. They are specifically designed to facilitate quick and effortless assembly of your conduit. We provide a conduit coupler suitable for our entire range, ensuring an easy and reliable connection every time, take a look now, if you need any advice get in contact.

How do I fix and secure flexible conduit?

We provide a complete selection of metal and plastic conduit clips, including Schnabl quick clips, EPDM rubber-lined metal P-clips, and conduit saddles. These are designed to support and secure flexible conduits at regular intervals, particularly in vertical or horizontal installations, ensuring stability and neatness throughout the conduit's run. They are suitable for various materials such as plasterboard, wood, concrete, and brick.

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