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Metal Couples

Flexible Conduit Accessories and Conduit Coupler by Tricksall

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Secure Connections with High Quality Couplers/Joiners


Flexible conduit couplers/joiners are essential components for setting up secure electrical connections in a wide variety of applications. From industrial to commercial to residential applications, flexible conduit couplers/joiners are designed to ensure secure connections and a reliable seal. At the same time, they provide flexibility for assembly, as well as easy installation.


Our couplers/joiners are designed and manufactured from the highest quality materials, making them suitable for use in both indoor and outdoor applications. Whether you need to create a secure connection for an underground installation or an over-ground application, our complete range of flexible conduit couplers/joiners are designed to the highest standards to ensure a secure connection.

For any installation or assembly requiring secure connections and reliable seals, our couplers/joiners are the perfect solution. Our flexible conduit couplers/joiners are designed to provide maximum flexibility, ease of installation and secure connections that will last for years.

Couplers/Joiners for Galvanised Steel & PVC  Covered Steel 

  • Couplers to suit galvanised steel & PVC covered steel flexible conduit.

  • Each coupler comes complete swivel ends

  • Sizes available: 16mm to 50mm 

  • Size Range - 16mm to 50mm

  • Swivel Ends For Easy Install

  • Ingress Protection - IP54

  • Nickle Plated Brass

Plastic Couplers

Couplers/Joiners for Polypropylene

  • Couplers/joiners to suit polypropylene flexible conduit.

  • Manufactured from self-extinguishing polyethylene.

  • These couplers offer an easy to install due to their push-fit design. 

  • Sizes available: 16mm to 50mm .

  • Size Range - 16mm to 50mm

  • Self-Extinguishing Polyethylene

  • Push-Fit Design

A Series Coupler

Couplers/Joiners for PVC Spiral Reinforced

a series coupler-min_edited.jpg
  • Couplers/joiners to suit PVC spiral Reinforced flexible conduit.

  • Sizes available: 20mm to 50mm 

  • Size Range - 20mm to 50mm