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Pre-Cut Flexible Conduit Lengths | Tricksall UK

Pre-cut flexible conduit cut lenghts.jpg

Introducing a time-saving and cost-effective solution for your electrical wiring project! Tricksall UK offers pre-cut plastic and metal flexible conduit lengths in all of our non-metallic and metallic conduit ranges. Conduit for cables serves the dual purpose of protecting and routing wires throughout an electrical installation, ensuring the organisation, safety, and security of your cables. Our pre-cut flexible conduits streamline your installations, saving time and reducing costs by eliminating the need for onsite cutting and extra fittings. Ideal for various settings, they provide an efficient, cost-effective solution for durable and adaptable electrical wiring. Available in conduit sizes ranging from 10mm to 100mm, these pre-cut conduits are offered in various colours and conduit types to ensure they align with the specific needs of your electrical wiring project. Each pre-cut length of flexible cable conduit will have the fittings securely pre-assembled, ready to go! Below are a selection of our most popular conduit sizes and coil lengths, but Tricksall has the ability to custom-make these for you at any length you need. For more information on this, please click 'Enquire Now' and get a custom-made quotation.

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