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Product Description


A lightweight medium-duty PVC slurry hose, reinforced with a rigid, crush and kink-resistant white PVC helix. Tough, flexible and extremely durable, with outstanding resistance to the effects of weather.

Manufactured with a white rigid, crush and kink resistant anti-shock PVC spiral helix encapsulated in the industry standard olive green flexible PVC cover and smooth inside wall to reduce friction.


Product Specification


  • Internal 51.6mm (2")
  • External 60.2mm
  • Wall Thickness - 4.3mm
  • Maximum Working Pressure - 5.3 Bar
  • Weight per Metre - 0.83Kg
  • Bend Radius - 114mm
  • Vacuum Metres H20 - 8
  • 10 and 30 Metre Coils

Internal 51.6mm - External 60.2mm - Lightweight Medium Duty Suction & Delivery

PriceFrom £75.10

Enjoy 10% off when you spend £50 or more!

    • Tough, extremely durable with excellent flexibility.
    • Optimum flow is maintained by the smooth bore.
    • Flexibility maintained even under cold weather conditions.
    • Outstanding resistance to the effects of weather.
    • Excellent chemical and abrasion resistance.
    • RoHS 3 compliant
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