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Internal 19.0mm - External 29.0mm - Compressed Air Hose Assembly



Product Description


This professional compressor hose assembly, with heavy duty safety claw clamps, is the cost-effective, high-performance TPE alternative to rubber hosing. While looking and feeling like rubber, it has many advantages including a longer lifespan. Manufactured from a hard wearing PVC Nitrile blend, this ergonomically friendly super-flexible product is a real winner in many industrial environments.


Product Specification


Internal - 19.0mm

External - 29.0mm 

Wall Thickness - 10.0mm

Maximum Woking Pressure - 20 Bar

Minimum Burst Pressure - 60 Bar

Bend Radius - 170mm 

Length - 15 Metre

Internal 19.0mm - External 29.0mm - Compressed Air Hose Assembly

    • Professional 15m air compressor assembly including safety claw clamps.
    • Every coil is pressure tested off the line.
    • PVC Nitrile blend gives good abrasion and ageing resistance – superior to rubber.
    • Clean, flexible and user-friendly.
    • Reduced plasticiser migration.
    • Excellent resistance to UV / Ozone.
    • Silicone and Cadmium free.
    • Service Temperature – 15°C to + 60°C.
    • 3:1 safety factor.
    • Every hose is fully tested to 20 Bar during manufacture.
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