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16mm – M20 thread conduit electrical fittings for our galvanised steel flexible metal conduit range. Our 16mm conduit connectors are an essential part of any conduit installation, as they will finish your wiring project professional and safely.


Our 16mm – M20 thread steel conduit fittings are available in both fixed and swivel types. Swivel-type conduit fittings are especially useful when fitting conduit in tight or awkward areas, as the fitting swivels 360 degrees while still maintaining its ingress rating of IP54. Additionally, each fitting comes complete with locknuts.


These 16mm – M20 thread conduits and fittings are designed to be durable and corrosion-resistant, making them suitable for both internal and external applications. Installation is quick and easy, providing a secure, long-lasting connection that you can trust.


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16mm – M20 Thread Steel Flexible Conduit Fittings

PriceFrom £5.58

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    • 16mm – M20 thread Galvanised Steel Conduit Fitting
    • Material - Nickle Plated Brass
    • High Mechanical Strength
    • Fitting Type – Fixed & Swivel
    • Ingress Protection – IP54
    • Temp Range  -100°C to +300°C
    • Colour – Self Coloured
    • Thread Size - Male – M20 x 1.5mm
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