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25mm black polypropylene conduit push-fit fitting, side view.



25mm polypropylene conduit IP65 fittings, complete with a locknut, will ensure you finish your electrical wiring safely and professionally with the added benefit of speed and convenience.  


Our 25mm polypropylene conduit IP65 fittings feature a push fit design that allows them to simply be pushed on to the  conduit and lock in place instantly.


Additionally, our 25mm polypropylene conduit IP65 fittings offer UV resistance and an ingress rating of IP65, as well as chemical and corrosion resistance.




25mm Polypropylene Conduit IP65 Fittings

PriceFrom £3.24
    • Product Code - TRF25BPF
    • 25mm Polypropylene Conduit Push-Fit Fitting
    • Fitting Type – Push-Fit
    • Ingress Protection – IP65
    • UV Resistant
    • LSOH
    • Colour – Black
    • Thread Size – M25 x 1.5mm
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