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32mm black polypropylene flexible conduit, front view.

Black Polypropylene 32mm Flexible Conduit. Offered in coil sizes of 10m,25m and 50m. Moreover, we provide a range of custom coil sizes, starting from 5m up to 50m.


Black Polypropylene 32mm Flexible Conduit, features an internal diameter of 26.4mm, making it ideal for organising and protecting wiring in various cabling applications, from home projects to automotive, data cabling and commercial electrical cabling protection.


This durable, non-corrosive yet lightweight Black Polypropylene 32mm Flexible Conduit is easy to work with and cut down to your desired conduit length. This Black Flexible Conduit 32mm, offers great UV resistance, making it perfect for outdoor external wiring protection when exposed to direct sunlight. It is just as suitable for indoor applications, as this range offers LSOH (low smoke zero halogen) and provides an ingress protection rating of IP40.


Black Polypropylene 32mm Flexible Conduit LSOH are designed to emit minimal smoke and contain no halogen compounds, making them safer in case of fire and less harmful to the environment.


Choose between 32mm split flexible conduit or non-split (solid) options. Split 32mm flexible conduit features a design that allows wires to be easily inserted or removed, making it ideal for situations where cabling has already been installed.




Black Polypropylene 32mm Flexible Conduit

PriceFrom £5.76
    • Product Code - TR32B
    • Internal - 26.5mm
    • External - 32.0mm
    • Temperature Range -40°C to +120°C
    • Material - Polypropylene
    • Colour - Black
    • Ingress Protection - IP40
    • Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSOH)
    • UV Resistant
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