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Galvanised steel flexible metal conduit 12mm, with an internal diameter of 10.0mm, this range of metal conduit is the ideal solution for wiring installations requiring durable and robust protection, along with excellent mechanical strength (crush resistance) in dry environments.


This 12mm metal flexible conduit is designed and manufactured using a spiral construction of steel. This process ensures that the metal conduit offers high levels of flexibility while maintaining excellent mechanical strength.


Within our metallic conduit range, our galvanised steel flexible tubing is a top seller due to its affordable price and versatile applications for wiring. With the capability to withstand high temperatures up to +300°C, it offers an ingress rating of IP40, is LFH (low fire hazard), highly flexible, has excellent crush resistance, and conforms to BS EN 61386.


Additionally, this range of steel conduit offers corrosion resistance and helps prevent the metal conduit from rusting, ensuring optimal performance in dry, challenging environments where other materials might falter, providing long-term protection.


We offer 12mm flexible steel conduit in a variety of coil lengths, ranging from 1 metre to 50 meters, including 10m, 25m, and 50 metre coil options. However, if your project requires custom pre-cut lengths, please contact one of our team members, and we will find the best solution for you.


Our range of galvanised steel conduit presents a selection of 12mm steel flexible conduit connectors, fittings, and couplers. These fittings are provided in both fixed and swivel configurations, rated IP54, guaranteeing a professional and safe completion of your electrical installation.


Looking for 12mm galvanised steel conduit fittings? Click Here


If you require advice or guidance, please feel free to contact a member of our team. Rest assured, you will speak directly with a knowledgeable human expert, not a bot.


12mm Galvanised Steel Flexible Metal Conduit - Internal 10.0mm

SKU: TB12-50M
PriceFrom £3.48

Enjoy 10% off when you spend £50 or more!

    • Trade Size - 12mm
    • Internal - 10.0mm
    • External - 13.0mm
    • Bending Radius - 25mm
    • Temperature Range  -50°C to +300°C
    • Material - Galvanised Steel
    • Colour - Self Coloured
    • Ingress Protection - IP40
    • Highly Flexible
    • Low Fire Hazard
    • Manufactured to BS EN 61386
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