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10mm Galvanised Steel Flexible Conduit Front View


10mm galvanised steel flexible conduit is available in a variety of coil sizes. Standard coil sizes include 5m, 10m, 25m, and 50m. If you require custom coil lengths, we have you covered, offering options from 1m to 50m.   


10mm galvanised steel flexible conduit, features an internal diameter of 7.0mm and an ingress rating of IP40,  this range is designed to protect wires and cables from a variety of external mechanical threats, such as abrasion, crushing, impact, and vibration. It also provides strong mechanical protection, even in high temperatures of +300°C.


Additional, 10mm galvanised steel flexible conduit is also resistant to oils, greases, fuels, and alkaline solutions, making it ideal for areas where these substances are present.


10mm galvanised steel flexible conduit offers excellent flexibility, strength, and protection, making it an excellent choice for any situation. With its high-quality construction, our 10mm galvanised steel flexible conduit is designed to provide you with reliable protection for your cables in all dry environment.



10mm Flexible Metal Conduit - Galvanised Steel

SKU: TB10-50M
PriceFrom £3.44
    • Product Code - TB10
    • Trade Size - 10mm
    • Internal - 7.0mm
    • External - 9.0mm
    • Bending Radius - 23mm
    • Temperature Range   -50°C to +300°C
    • Material - Galvanised Steel
    • Colour - Self Coloured
    • Ingress Protection - IP40
    • Highly Flexible
    • Low Fire Hazard
    • Manufactured to BS EN 61386
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