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Product Description


Coiled air hose designed to overcome the limitations of traditional nylon preformed coil. Polyurethane Compact Coils offer excellent resistance to abrasion and oils and improved flexibility., very good kink resistance and also complies with current FDA regulations



Product Specification


Tube Size - 12mm x 8.0mm

Working Length 2m - Number of turns 8.5 - Coil Diameter 76mm

Working Length 4m - Number of turns 19.5 - Coil Diameter 76mm

Working Length 6m - Number of turns 30.5 - Coil Diameter 76mm

Working Length 8m - Number of turns 48 - Coil Diameter 76mm

Fittings 3/8" BSP


12mm x 8.0mm Polyurethane Compact Coil Hose - Red and Blue

PriceFrom £39.73

Enjoy 10% off when you spend £50 or more!

    • Preformed with press in swivel couplings complete with springs.
    • Excellent resistance to abrasion.
    • Very good kink resistant characteristics. Complies with current FDA regulations.
    • Useful for confined areas limited by space / bend radius.
    • Service Temperature -20°C to + 65°C.
    • Maximum Working Pressure: 10 bar.
    • RoHS 3 compliant.
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