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25mm Flexible Conduit - LSOH - UV Resistant - IP40

Updated: Apr 4

25mm flexible conduit with electrical wire installed.

When it comes to electrical work, whether for a home DIY project or commercial or industrial wiring applications, polypropylene 25mm flexible conduit is a great choice for keeping cables organised and ensuring a fundamental level of protection and safety is achieved.

One solution that's gained popularity is 25mm flexible conduit, which features an internal diameter of 19.9mm. Our 25mm size is one of the three most commonly used conduit sizes, with the others being 20mm (with an internal diameter of 16.8mm) and 32mm (with an internal diameter of 26.5mm).

25mm flexible conduit in different colors.

This conduit is pretty handy for various jobs, whether you're a DIY enthusiast or a seasoned professional. Let's take a look at why our 25mm flexible conduit is a go-to choice for many projects.

Understanding 25mm Flexible Conduit:

So, our 25mm flexible conduit is a flexible electrical pipe manufactured from durable polypropylene, with an external diameter of about 25mm and an internal diameter of 19.9mm. This cable conduit is all about protecting your electrical cables and offers high levels of flexibility so you can bend and twist it as needed. This range of 25mm flexible conduit offers UV resistance, which is great when installed in direct sunlight, and it also offers LSOH (low smoke zero halogen) properties, so you can be confident that no toxic fumes will be released in case of a fire.

Where Does 25mm Flexible Conduit Come in Handy?

Think of 25mm flexible conduit as you’re going partner for all sorts of wiring jobs. Whether you're wiring up your home, setting up shop in a commercial space, or need a level of protection for machinery in an industrial setting, this conduit has got your back. It's perfect for hiding cables in walls, ceilings, or floors at home, and it can handle the rigors of machinery in factories.

Why Choose 25mm Flexible Conduit from Tricksall?

Flexibility is the name of the game with our 25mm flexible conduit. Unlike rigid conduits that need to be cut and fitted just right, this stuff bends and flexes with ease. That means less hassle during installation and fewer headaches down the road. Plus, its polypropylene construction is like armor against corrosion, chemicals, and sunlight, so you can trust it to hold up in tough conditions.

In a nutshell, 25mm flexible conduit is a handy solution for keeping your cables organised and protected. Whether you're a DIY newbie or a seasoned pro, this stuff has something to offer. Have you ever used 25mm flexible conduit in your projects? Got any tips or tricks to share? Drop them in the comments below!

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