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Nylon Tubing

Nylon tube is known for its exceptional stability, mechanical strength, and resistance to chemical corrosion This pliable nylon tubing, with extremely high impact resistance and quality finish, simply pushes into a coupling for ease of use and is used worldwide by the pneumatics industry.


Metric Nylon Tubing

Nylon tubing is ideally suited for pneumatic/hydraulic applications such as air brakes, as well as fuel and lube applications. Also ideal for low-toxic or high-temperature environments such as breweries or applications involving food contact.


Polyurethane Tube

Suitable for a wide range of applications, such as pneumatic control systems, demanding a flexible and cut resistant tube with maximum kink-resistance and minimum kink memory. It is resilient to abrasion, chemicals, gases, and most fuels, oils, greases, and other materials


Polyurethane Compact Coil Hose

Coiled air hose designed to overcome the limitations of traditional nylon preformed coil. Polyurethane Compact Coils offer excellent resistance to abrasion and oils and improved flexibility., very good kink resistance and also complies with current FDA regulations.


Nylon Preformed

Airline Coils

A very popular product satisfying all market sectors requiring a lightweight Type 12 Nylon airline coil with high resistance to oil, organic and non-organic media, offering excellent flexibility., superior flow rate and light weight.

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