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Explore the Versatility of Hoses and Tubing by Tricksall Ltd

Discover our extensive selection of dependable industrial hoses that cater to a wide range of applications. Whether you're in need of fire hoses, welding hoses, hydraulic hoses, garden hoses, or flexible hoses, your search ends here. Our inventory boasts a comprehensive array of sizes, types, and designs, all engineered to endure challenging environments while accommodating varying levels of pressure, from low to high.

Select from our diverse collection of air hoses, water hoses, fuel hoses, chemical hoses, steam hoses, food-grade hoses, as well as layflat and oil hoses. Our priority is to ensure the secure and efficient transfer of various materials, all offered at competitive prices. Partnered with renowned brands like Crane, Jaymac, and KELM, we stand behind the quality and reliability of our industrial hoses.

Embrace the convenience of online ordering and invest in industrial hoses that you can confidently rely on for your needs. Trust us to provide the solutions that keep your operations running smoothly while maintaining the highest standards of quality and performance.

Industrial Hose

Tubes and hoses for a wide array of general  industrial applications, carrying everything from air and water, to oil and chemicals.


Pneumatic & Nylon

Tubing designed for pneumatic applications such as tools, machinery and vehicle brake lines.

Watering Hose

Hoses for the conveyance of water in irrigation and in leisure.

Air Hose

Our tried and tested range of air hoses for multiple uses.


Suction & Delivery Hose

Suction hose is widely used for the movement of sewage, slurry, liquids, foodstuffs, particles  and oils.

Hose Protection

Offers quick and simple protection to all types of hydraulic and pneumatic hoses.

Featured Product

PVC Strip Curtains

Tricksall provides a wide range of PVC strip curtains, available by the strip and ready to hang. Each strip comes with a fitted plate, making installation quick and simple. Replacing damaged strips is a straightforward process and there is no need to replace the whole curtain.

Our strip curtains are available in a number of sizes and lengths, suitable for a wide range of environments. From warehouse loading bays to heavy-duty industrial areas, our range of strip curtains can be easily maintained and come with the benefits of being cost-effective and energy-saving. Workspaces with PVC strip curtains also benefit from thermal insulation and sound reduction among other things, making them a staple for any practical workplace


Tricksall provides hoses and tubing solutions for...

Home projects | Construction | Automotive | Medical

  Industrial | Caravan Industry | Food/Liquid Substances

Pneumatic Tools | Air/Water Supply | Marine | Agricultural

Product Lines | Building Sites | Air Tools | Water Delivery  Landscaping | Horticulture | Mines/Quarries | workshops  Compressed Air Tools

Basically, if you need tube & hose solutions, we've got it!

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