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The Benefits of Flexible Metal Conduit, for those more demanding applications.

Flexible Metal Conduit is the perfect solution for your cable and wiring installations when extra protection is required. It is made from durable, corrosion-resistant steel, making it incredibly strong, highly flexible and resilient.

Flexible Metal Conduit by Tricksall
Flexible Metal Conduits

Not only does this provide maximum protection to your cables, but it also gives you the freedom to customize your wiring setup. With the added benefit of being able to withstand extreme temperatures and harsh weather conditions, our Flexible Metal Conduit is sure to provide the ultimate solution for cable protection. This Article will cover the different types of flexible metal conduits and their unique benefits.


Galvanised steel flexible metal conduit is ideal for a multitude of wiring applications due to its robustness, flexibility, and long-term protection it provides.

Galvanised Steel Flexible Conduit by Tricksall
Galvanised Steel Flexible Metal Conduit

Galvanised steel is a highly versatile and durable flexible metal conduit that can offer a wide range of benefits to its users.

It is resistant to various chemicals and corrosion, has an excellent bending radius, and is suitable for use in hazardous environments. Furthermore, it provides excellent mechanical protection, has a high temperature resistance of +300°C, so is perfect for all high temperature applications where continuous flexing is essential, resistance to oil and grease, UV resistance, and vandalism protection. Therefore, galvanised steel is an ideal choice for a wide range of applications.


PVC covered steel flexible conduit is designed to provide a high level of protection for a variety of wiring applications. It is designed to offer superior protection, while still maintaining a high degree of flexibility, making it easy to route around corners and other obstacles.

PVC Covered Steel Flexible Metal Conduit by Tricksall
PVC Covered Steel Flexible Conduit

PVC covered steel flexible metal conduit is made up of a strong galvanised steel core, with a durable PVC cover. The PVC cover provides excellent high levels of protection in outdoor application as it is resistant to weathering, corrosion, and moisture as well providing a high level of protection against mechanical damage, the PVC coating can stop water, oil, and dirt from getting in and damaging the performance of conduits which will prolong the life span of the conduit.


When it comes to protecting wires and cables from the harshest of environments, stainless steel flexible metal conduit is the perfect solution.

Stainless Steel Flexible Metal Conduit by Tricksall
Stainless Steel Flexible Conduit

This conduit provides maximum protection from corrosion, extreme temperatures (up to +600°C), and other damaging elements, making it an ideal choice for a variety of demanding applications. The stainless steel is designed for maximum protection against corrosion and extreme temperatures. It is highly resistant to chemicals and abrasion, making it ideal for use in hazardous and corrosive environments.

The conduit also has a high fire rating, ensuring that it provides the best protection possible for wires and cables.


In today’s world, it is essential to protect vital cables to ensure the safe operation of various systems and machines.

Liquid-Tight Flexible Metal  Conduit by Tricksall
Liquid-Tight Metal Flexible Conduit

To meet this need, we offer liquid-tight metal flexible conduit as the optimal solution. By providing both exceptional mechanical strength and a liquid-tight seal, this type of conduit helps protect vital cables in challenging and demanding locations. The conduit’s liquid-tight seal is the key feature that ensures the safety of cables. As the name implies, this seal prevents liquids from entering the conduit and potentially damaging the cables. It also protects the cables from dust and other debris. By having a reliable liquid-tight seal, the conduit helps ensure that the cables will function properly in even the most demanding locations.

What ever challenges you are dealing with Tricksall will have a solution for you.

Cable management can be a challenging task for any business, especially if you have a lot of cables to manage. However, Tricksall can help you with all of your cable management needs. We offer an extensive range of products that can help you keep your cables organized and secure.

With Tricksall, you can be sure that all of your cable management needs are met, no matter what the challenge may be.

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