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Suction & Delivery Hoses  by Tricksall

Suction and delivery hose is a piece of essential equipment used for the transfer of a variety of liquids, gases and solids. It can be used for a range of general-purpose applications, such as transferring water, oil, air and chemicals from one place to another. It is also used in some specific industrial processes, such as serving as a link between a pump and a larger piece of equipment, delivering vacuumed material from one point to another, pumping liquid from tanks and carrying out large-scale wastewater treatment. Suction and delivery hose varies in length, diameter and material. The type of material chosen depends on the desired properties of the hose, such as its strength, flexibility, thermal resistance, chemical properties and resistance to abrasion. The most common materials are rubber, PVC and polyurethane. This type of hose needs to be regularly inspected to ensure it is in good condition and can withstand the pressure of the material being moved. Suction and delivery hose is an invaluable piece of equipment for a range of industries, and when used correctly, it can save time, money and effort in the long-term.

Light Weight

Medium Duty

Suction & Delivery

A lightweight medium-duty PVC slurry hose, reinforced with a rigid, crush and kink-resistant white PVC helix. Tough, flexible and extremely durable, with outstanding resistance to the effects of weather.

Medium Duty

Suction & Delivery

Extraction hose of medium-weight, reinforced with a crush and kink-resistant white PVC helix. Tough, but still extremely flexible, this hose has outstanding resistance to the effects of weather, along with minimum frictional loss is achieved by the smoothbore.


External Spiral Suction Hose

Spiral reinforced suction hose with an external crush-resistant helix. The exposed outer helix has excellent abrasion resistance and minimises drag. Tough, flexible and extremely durable even under very cold working conditions, Suitable for the suction and discharge of water, slurries, liquid sewage and dilute chemicals.


Industrial Blue Layflat Hose

Light Duty

General-purpose blue layflat hose that offers exceptional value for money. For use on the discharge side of water pumps in drainage and irrigation, and for also conveying non-solvent-based liquids. Can be also suitable for spreading liquid fertilizers, agricultural chemicals, and some mild abrasive powders.

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