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Overbraided Steel Flexible Conduit 25mm



Product Description


Our 25mm steel over-braided flexible conduit is the perfect choice for any installation requiring a high level of protection and flexibility.


It offers superior mechanical strength and EMC screening, and is highly resistant to flame, oil, acid and other chemicals.


It is also easy to install and maintain, making it a reliable solution for any industrial application.


Steel over braided flexible conduit is an innovative type of conduit that has many benefits over traditional conduit materials. It offers superior mechanical strength, as well as enhanced electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) shielding. It is also highly resistant to flame, oil, acid and other chemicals, making it an ideal choice for environments where exposure to these types of substances is a concern.


The superior mechanical strength of steel over braided flexible conduit is due to the construction of the conduit itself. It is made up of a steel braid that is then wrapped around a flexible inner core. The high-grade and robust steel material provides superior tensile strength and rigidity compared to traditional conduit materials such as PVC. This makes it perfect for applications that require a more robust and durable conduit.




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Overbraided Steel Flexible Conduit 25mm

SKU: TF25-30M
PriceFrom £263.01
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    • Trade Size - 25mm
    • Internal - 20.5mm
    • External - 26.5mm
    • Bending Radius - 60mm
    • Coil Length - 30m
    • Temperature Range  -15°C to +70°C
    • Material -  PVC vacuum jacketed galvanised steel inner core with a protective galvanised steel over-braid
    • Ingress Protection - IP54
    • Traction Resistance -  > 1000 N
    • Compression Resistance -  > 1250 N
    • Manufactured to BS EN 61386
    • CE
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