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Industrial Hoses and Tubing  by Tricksall

Tricksall is proud to offer a complete range of industrial hoses and tubing for any application.

Our selection of industrial hose and tubing products includes fuel and oil hoses, pneumatic and hydraulic tubing, chemical hoses, and more. With an extensive range of sizes, materials, and working pressures, we have the perfect hose and tubing solution for your specific requirements. Our hoses and tubing are designed to meet the highest safety standards, and we even offer custom options to ensure that your needs are met. Whether you need hoses and tubing for fuel, air, oil, or chemical transfer, Tricksall can provide the right solution. Our experienced team of experts will help you find the best solution for your application.



PVC Hose

Unreinforced low pressure PVC tubing is a multipurpose and economical flexible plastic tubing solution. This hose is suitable for air, gas, & air line, food & beverage & industrial use to name a few

Reinforced PVC Hose


An economical light duty tube, ideal for multi-purpose use with pressure. This hose is especially popular for industrial airline equipment. Excellent resistance to abrasion and also suitable for food, water, chemicals, gas, fuel and oils.

Reinforced PVC Hose

Medium/Heavy Duty

A premium Clear hose with EC compliance, widely used for a diverse range of applications for the conveyance of food, water, air, chemicals, gas, fuels and oils. This multi-purpose hose is an all-around performer. It remains universally popular today, especially for the conveyance of air and water.



Reinforced Hose

A polyurethane reinforced hose with outstanding elasticity providing excellent flexibility and kink-resistance, even in extreme cold conditions. Ultra flexible, exceptional abrasion resistance, resistance to a wide range of chemicals. 



PU-Lined Hose

Multi-propose PU lined hose delivers exceptional durability and flexibility, this anti-abrasive Polyurethane (PU) and PVC compound hose with polyester yarn reinforcement is ideal for pneumatic tools in general, anti-abrasive applications and water based paint sprayers. The PU lining material also has WRAS approval for use with drinking water applications.



Polyurethane Tube

Suitable for a wide range of applications, such as pneumatic control systems, demanding a flexible and cut resistant tube with maximum kink-resistance and minimum kink memory. It is resilient to abrasion, chemicals, gases, and most fuels, oils, greases, and other materials

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