Why use flexible conduit?

What would happen if your cabling failed?

Conduit is needed in most environments where wiring is vulnerable to damage, vandalism or protection against the elements is needed, within our range we will have the conduit that is best suited to your installation, offering protection such as, UV resistant, LSOH (Low smoke zero halogen), UL recognised, CE, low fire hazard, flame retardant, oil & solvents resistant, vermin resistant, liquid tight, halogen free, RoHS & REACH compliant.

There are many different types of conduits for you to choose from, and it’s important that the right conduit is used to ensure the right protection is being offered, and to maximising your value for money. If you need any guidance or advice get in contact with the team.

Which flexible conduit to use?

There are two main common types of flexible conduit Non Metallic (Plastic) and Metallic (Metal)

Non Metallic (Plastic)

Non metallic flexible conduits are convenient, easy, and a safe way to organise and protect your cables and wires, we offer a complete range of non-metallic flexible conduits to suit a home project, automotive,  office environments, outside installations all the way to specialists’ conduits for commercial and industrial applications. Within this range we offer:

Polypropylene - Available in split, non split, with pre-installed draw cord & various color options

Polypropylene flexible conduit is a cost effective solution for a variety of your cable                  management & cable protection projects, with its low smoke and halogen-free properties (LSOH) making it an ideal choice for inside installations, halogen-free Low Smoke conduits reduce corrosive and toxic gases to a minimum. The advantage is that very little smoke gas is generated. This facilitates the fire fighting and rescue operations, makes escape routes easier to find, and prevents severe smoke intoxication. This conduit will also be suitable for your outside installations as it offers UV resistant properties.

PVC Spiral Reinforced Heavy Duty - Tough & durable, waterproof, smooth inner bore, time saving!

This premium PVC spiral reinforced heavy duty flexible conduit is an advanced product that is ideal for all general purpose applications where extra durability, toughness is needed, but still maintain high flexibility.

​With an all PVC construction and also spiral reinforced, this conduit offers heavy-duty protection to your cables is 100% waterproof and offers fast insertion of your cables, due to its smooth inner bore, time saving!

​As a UL recognised conduit, it will not support combustion is self-extinguishing, offers a ingress protection of IP65 and has excellent UV resistant properties.

Nylon PA6 Polyamide - Available in split, non split, halogen free, vermin resistant, flame retardant

This premium flexible conduit is excellent choice when cables are needed to be installed within demanding environments.

PA6 Nylon flexible conduit offers resistance to alcohols, greases, mineral oils, kerosene, detergents, solvents, UV resistant, vermin resistant properties and also free of halogens, making it an ideal choice for both inside and outside installations.

This conduit range also offers a high IP rating (IP68) for straight fittings and (IP65) for elbow fittings.

Metallic (Metal)

Flexible metal conduits can be used almost anywhere due to their spiral construction and high level of flexibility. Typically, metal conduits are used for both indoor & outdoor applications, to offer extra protection against the elements, ensuring your cables are properly protected, they can also be used in indoor locations.

Flexible metal conduits are an ideal choice when extra protected is needed against heat, corrosion, chemicals, oil, grease, and Vandalism protection.

PVC Covered Steel - High level of protection, highly flexible, degree of waterproofing

PVC covered steel flexible conduit is designed to provide a high level of protection, whist still maintain high flexibility due to the galvanised steel inner-core.

During the manufacturing process a hardwearing flame retardant PVC jacket is encased around the outside of the conduit, which offers the strength and flexibility of galvanised steel conduit but adding a higher level of protection against the elements, offering a degree of waterproofing and also offers oil & UV resistance due to the hardwearing PVC jacket.

Galvanised Steel - Highly flexible, high mechanical strength, low fire hazard

Galvanised steel metal flexible conduit is made from a formed strip of electro-galvanised steel, which is helically wound to produce a square-lock construction, offering a high flexibility and a high level of protection.

Typically used for lighting applications, underfloor heating and other high temperature applications where continuous flexing is required.

Liquid Tight - Highly flexible - Suited for very demanding environments, EMI & RFI shielding

Liquid-Tight flexible conduit range with exceptional mechanical strength that is typically found in machining, processing and handling environments.

This range is suited to both liquid-tight applications and the most demanding environments including lighting, communications, air conditioning systems and fire alarm systems.

This advanced conduit is UL listed, offers EMI/RFI shielding, Oil, sunlight & UV resistant.

If you need any guidance or advice get in contact with the team.

IP Ratings Explained

IP codes are shorthand for International Protection Marking IEC Standard 60529, you will hear IP referred to as Ingress Protection. It is created by the International Electrotechnical Commission (the IEC).

The IEC is an international body made up of members from 60 countries and helps set and maintain standards that are used globally. The standard itself provides classification and rating of the degree of protection provided against intrusion, dust, water and accidental contact by electrical enclosures and mechanical casings. Its aim is to provide more detailed definitions on the level of protection a piece of equipment has, rather than relying on terms such as ‘waterproof’ or ‘splash proof’.

IP Codes should always be expressed in the following way, for example: IP40

A breakdown of the code is as follows:

IP – the IP indication is mandatory, this states that the following digits are part of an IP code

4 – The first digit indicates solid particle protection; there are a range of numbers that can be used here.

0 – The second digit indicates liquid ingress protection; again, there are a range of figures that can be used here


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